LA HEADSHOTS just in time for pilot season!

LA Headshots Pilot Season



“LA Headshot” – what does that mean?

People always ask me “What’s the difference between an east coast headshot and a Los Angeles Headshot?”  The main thing that characterizes an LA Headshot is that they are (nowadays) all at least a little bit character based.  Of course, it’s never good to go over the top – unless you play very over the top characters ….and even then it should be pulled back a tad for the headshot.  The actress above wanted to do:

1.  Fresh Young Mom

2. Edgy CW type  and

3. Quirky but Sexy.

You can see that the makeup is basically the same for each image, with only minor changes made to lip color.  This is because agents/managers overwhelmingly prefer a more natural makeup look.  In fact, many agents specify “no black eyeliner AT ALL”.  The wardrobe has also been kept very neutral, with no distracting or overly bright colors or patterns.  The soft floral print is faded and doesn’t take away from her face.  The black, white and taupe used in the other shots help her eyes and skin tone really pop.  You see the character in each image, but it feels like an organic incarnation of the actress…not like a costume.

Still time to get your headshots in time for pilot season – located in mid city LA

If you’re ready to get the best headshots of your career, we’d absolutely love to have you in the studio.  We’ve been at our new huge studio space in Mid City LA for over 1 year now and couldn’t be happier with the way the pictures are coming out!!

See samples of editorial work through my sister site’s studio facebook page or say hi through my site contact page.

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