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Black and White always makes things seem so timeless.  I miss the days of black & white headshots in los Angeles.  Going into an old diner and seeing all the old B&W pictures on the walls….they made everyone look like a total movie star.  BUT, I must admit to having a pretty significant role in the demise of B&W.  My old LA headshots partner, Amanda ((now, of Amanda Max Photography)), and I started shooting color headshots when nobody….and I mean nobody….was doing it.  Actually, there was one LA photographer who was kinda shooting color headshots, but they just looked too much like a “portrait” – not like an actor’s headshot.  At first our clients fought us on it, so we’d talk them into shooting 1 roll in color & then if they didn’t like it, we would change it to B&W.  But, eeeeeeveryone loved the color!  The agents loved it because it made their client’s shots “pop” out of a sea of submissions.  Casting directors liked it because you could actually see the actor’s skin tone, hair & eye color.  Of course, a ton of Los Angeles headshot photographers figured it out pretty quickly & started shooting color too.  But, for a short period of time, if you wanted color, and you wanted it done right, you had to come to us…..

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