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Headshots for Kids

You’re going to be seeing a lot more of this girl!  Yesterday, I spent a couple hours shooting Natalie’s headshots.  Her parents came with her and I could tell immediately that this was going to be a fun day!  Usually, when a teen’s parents come to their session, there’s a tiny bit of apprehension that the parent is going to try and run the shoot.  That can be a little tough, because, unless they’re right behind me, they aren’t seeing what I’m seeing.  Natalie’s Mom & Dad could not have been more relaxed….they helped when I needed it ((obviously, natalie’s got a LOT of hair to wrangle, so I asked for Mom when it was necessary :) ) but, otherwise, they hung out, made a few calls, peeked their head in from time to time & were a total joy to have on the set!  Actors headshots can be quite a bit more demanding than shooting something like Senior Pics – mainly, in that the subject has to be looking into camera the entire time.  If you’ve never been a model for 2-3 hours straight, then you really don’t know how hard it is.  It’s work!  and the person in the photos needs to LOVE  what they do.  AND they need to be talented at it.  Simple as that.  Anything less, & you get just “so-so” pics.  I don’t care how great the photographer is – the subject needs to have that “it factor” to successfully shoot for several hours.  I’ll be posting more pics from Natalie’s session & with all the looks we did, you’ll really get a good idea of how a professional connects with the camera & delivers in shot after shot.  Really happy with the way everything came out – especially since this is one of the first few people recommended to shoot with me from Commercial Talent Agency – a rep that I only recently connected with.  Always fun and exciting to work with a new agent, because everyone has their own preferences & it’s so interesting to hear a new point of view.

Look for my next post on Natalie’s session – it’s gonna be all about kids headshots & wardrobe!

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