Kids & Teens Headshots LA

Kid Teen Headshots

Kid & Teen Headshots

Kid Teen Headshots

Kid & Teen Headshots in LA

I’ve been shooting kids & teens headshots for as long as I’ve been a photographer….but in the past year I decided to make it more of a focus in my work, after realizing how competitive things have gotten for kids in the LA industry.  I had always felt like kids could just have a couple snapshots taken by their parents & that’d be good enough….but these days that’s actually sort of unheard of.  Crazy!  Kids change so fast!  How can getting professional headshots even be practical?  The cost is another obvious issue…. the best photogs out there shooting kids seem to be astronomically expensive.  And the affordable ones leave a little to be desired in quality.  It seems unfair that only kids whose parents can afford $400+ every 8 months get a shot at doing what sooooo many of them obviously love.  SO, I offer headshots for kids based on their age….and give an even deeper discount to kids coming from agencies I trust to refer parents who are somewhat informed….making the day easier for me & the child – – – which totally justifies the huge cut in rate.  Also, i just really really enjoy working with tons of kids….always interesting & always a blast.

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