Headshots for Actors


Headshots for Actors

When I tell people I shoot actors for a living, they always want to know “Who have you shot?!!”  Not sure why…but, there’s obviously something titillating about knowing someone who’s taken headshots of a favorite actor or celeb crush.  I honestly don’t know why – but, that seems to be the case…  Darin Brooks definitely qualifies as an actor who LOTS of people have a crush on.  He’s probably always going to be known as Max Brady on Days of Our Lives – a part that he won a couple of Daytime Emmy’s for…nice job….  My mom and grandmother absolutely LOVE him, so I felt a tiny bit of nervousness knowing I’d been shooting his headshots.  Not nervous to meet him or shoot him – – – nervous my Mom would show up at the shoot and scare the poor kid with all of her millions of questions!

Headshot Photographers

One thing I always tell friends who are getting into photography is that:  when you have an absolutely amazing subject (like Darin) you don’t need much else.  All the bells & whistles of extravagant sets & lighting can very often take away from the innate beauty of your subject.  Darin was one of those subjects.  Easy to take pictures of, because he was so open & PRESENT.  These shots were taken for LA Health Magazine, so I wanted to keep the image clean & fresh anyway – so I used mostly natural light & only accented with strobes.  That’s something I like to do with all of my actor headshots in general ….pure natural light is great for some things, but I find that a little accent light here & there can really make an image POP.

If you’re as big a fan of Darin as my Mom & Grandmother, you can check out what he’s been doing lately on his imdb page, or check out a site dedicated to all things Darin 🙂  http://darinbrooksonline.com/

For more examples of ACTING HEADSHOTS visit my portfolio and FACEBOOK page 🙂  And if you have any questions, please feel free to CONTACT me – I’m happy to help with all things headshots los angeles.

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