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Headshots for Kids

When I first started shooting child actor headshots I was so nervous.  In my mind, taking pictures of kids would be WAY harder than shooting headshots for adults.  I imagined not being able to communicate with the kid…not being able to effectively give direction.  Terrified, I dreamed up every possible way the shoots could go wrong.  Thankfully, I couldn’t have been more mistaken.  Shooting headshots for kids is SO MUCH FUN.  Children don’t have the same hang-ups that we do as adults.  They’re not as self-conscious yet & that’s a really good thing for a photographer.  The best subject is a present subject – someone who’d just being themselves & not worried about their nose looking too big or if their smile is too gummy.  Kids just lay it all out there & I just have to be fast enough to catch it.  The actor above came to me from a pretty big & well known commercial agency, so I knew they’d appreciate some variety.  Natalie has a great look for camera, since she can sort of morph into so many character types within an instant.  Also, she’s got long vibrant red hair with piercing blue eyes, so I knew we could utilize those features to help us create several options for her reps.

Long Hair Tricks for Headshots

When you have long hair to work with, remember that you have SO many options at your disposal.  Notice above, the pics with straight hair tucked behind the ears….immediate “Good Kid / Teachers Pet”  So simple!  Then take a look at the green top images – the surfer girl waves give her that “All-American Kid” look that’s so so popular.  For the blue crushed velvet top, we started with fresh curls & pulled them forward on one side to show off all of her thick amazing hair – these felt very “Period Piece” to me & obviously Natalie would be amazing cast in one of those “Sense & Sensibility” type roles 🙂  For the shots in the turquoise tee we loosened up the curls to give her a totally girly “Disney” look.  For the black tank top, we brushed our fingers through the curls to make a more relaxed casual look & get a perfect serious “Theatrical” kids headshot.

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